With new protocols in place, Chaminade to welcome grad students back to campus

After plenty of prep, Chaminade University to welcome grad students back next week

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - After switching to online instruction during the pandemic, students will be back in classrooms at Chaminade University next week.

Graduate students will return to campus for summer classes on July 6.

The university will have a chance to test out new protocols before the larger undergraduate class goes back on Aug. 24.

“The students are the life and blood of this university, so we’re really excited to have students on campus, sitting in our classrooms,” said Chaminade President Lynn Babington.

Face coverings are required and workers will frequently clean high-use areas.

There will be health screenings and voluntary temperature checks for students as well as employees.

Classrooms have been rearranged to follow social distancing guidelines. The theater and conference rooms have also been converted into class spaces.

Face shields and portable microphone speakers will be offered to faculty members.

“In our lab and studio spaces, we’re going to have hygiene shields. It’s shades that come down from the ceiling that will just give an added layer of protection for our students,” said Aulani Austin Kaanoi, vice president of finance and facilities.

There will be new residence hall protocols for students returning from out-of-state or international locations.

"We already had isolation rooms because college campuses have to expect you might have measles outbreaks or mumps or something, so we already had those rooms and we've added a few more," Babington said.

She added the university worked hard to raise funds for additional financial aid.

"Instead of having a growth in enrollment, we decided once COVID hit that we would just budget for flat enrollment, and we will meet those providing everyone actually shows up and providing nothing else happens in the country," Babington said.

A hybrid instructional format that may include in-person instruction and online learning is a possibility depending on the class size.

“We also understand that we could have another disruption as we did in the spring, so this entire summer, our faculty are working though the summer in order to prepare online iterations of every single one of our 450-plus classes for the fall,” said Chaminade Provost Lance Askildson.

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