Pacific Pulse: T&C Surf celebrates 50th anniversary

One of Hawaii's premiere surf shops is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Town and Country Surf started humbly in Pearl City and now it's a well-known internatio

  Pacific Pulse: Cleaning and protecting the ocean

In this Pacific Pulse, Guy chats with Kahi Pacarro, the commissioner of the City and County Clean Water and Natural Lands Commission.

  Pacific Pulse: New program aims to help people get into lifeguarding

A new program has been designed to help young people hoping to get into lifeguarding. North Shore lifeguard Jason Bitzer joins Guy to talk about Never Off Duty

  Pacific Pulse: Aloha Hour podcast

In this Pacific Pulse, Guy introduces us to the Aloha Hour podcast, a chat that covers among other things ocean sports.

  Pacific Pulse: Maker Surfboards

In this Pacific Pulse, Guy introduces you to the founders of Maker Surfboards, Joey and Tiana Mattos.

  Pacific Pulse: NWS modifies surf forecast format

The National Weather Service is changing its surf forecast format, and that change is making some surfers a little bit nervous.

  Pacific Pulse: Manmade wave planned for West Oahu

A new manmade wave is being planned for West Oahu and a former championship surfer is on the team working on the project.

  Pacific Pulse: Pro surfer Zeke Lau launches new vlog

In this Pacific Pulse, Guy catches up with professional surfer local boy Zeke Lau, who has launched a new vlog showing his life and pursuits.

  Pacific Pulse: Catching up with Keala Kennelly

In this Pacific Pulse, Guy Hagi checks in with professional big-wave rider Keala Kennelly from Kauai.

  Pacific Pulse: Kai Lenny's new docuseries 'Life of Kai'

In this Pacific Pulse, Guy Hagi speaks to ultra waterman Kai Lenny about his new docuseries called "Life of Kai," mostly centering around the 2019/2020 big wave


  Public urged to stay away from whale carcass that washed ashore at Waimanalo Bay

Until it’s removed, experts said there is an increased risk of shark activity along the entire coastline.