Smart Money Monday

  SmartMoney Monday: Building savings

What's a quicker way for people to build their savings? Compound interest.

  SmartMoney Monday: Home equity line of credit

The line of credit is similar to a credit card, but with a lower interest rate.

  SmartMoney Monday: Saving for retirement

  Smart Money Monday: Review your credit score

  Smart Money Monday: Home Equity Lines of Credit

  SmartMoney Monday: Refinancing options

With mortgage rates at historic lows, everyone keeps talking about refinancing. But what exactly is refinancing? Brand Smith from Bank of Hawaii explains.

  SmartMoney Monday: What to do if you lose your card

Matt Auyong from Bank of Hawaii shares tips on what to do if your debit cars is lost or stolen.

  SmartMoney Monday: Digital payment safety tips

People have been using mobile wallets and person-to-person payment apps more than ever. Alisha Kamanawa from Bank of Hawaii will help us do it safely.

  SmartMoney Monday: Tax tips

In this SmartMoney Monday, Steven Sylvester, of Bank of Hawaii, goes over tips to take some of the stress out of your taxes and lower your tax bill.

  SmartMoney Monday: Contactless cards

  SmartMoney Monday: Digital banking trends

Brandi Smith from Bank of Hawaii shares the benefits of online banking, and how to keep your assets safe.

  SmartMoney Monday: Digital Banking

This morning we spoke to Lono Kealoha from Bank of Hawaii. He explains how online banking can help as you plan your financial future.

  SmartMoney Monday: Scams during the COVID-19 pandemic

  SmartMoney Monday: Benefits of digital banking

In the first SmartMoney Monday of 2021, we discuss the benefits of digital banking and how it can help your new year.

  Smart Money Monday: Safeguarding Accounts

Top stories from across Hawaii and around the world, as seen on the 5 a.m. news broadcast from Hawaii News Now.

  SmartMoney Monday: Coin shortage

The pandemic has led to a coin shortage. To tell us more about it and what we can do to help is Adam Morris from Bank of Hawaii.

  SmartMoney Monday: Timing the stock market right

  SmartMoney Monday: Safely using money-sharing apps

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Faye Miyasaki from Bank of Hawaii shares tips on how to protect yourself from fraud.

  SmartMoney Monday: Tips for saving money in everyday life

In this episode of SmartMoney Monday, Keane Santos from Bank of Hawaii walks us through some of the ways to save a little at a time.

  SmartMoney Monday: Tips for paying off credit card debt

In this SmartMoney Monday, we're going to talk about one of the biggest financial challenges many people face: getting out from under credit card debt.

  SmartMoney Monday: Credit card safety

In this SmartMoney Monday, Catherine Sato from Bank of Hawaii shares tips on how to keep your credit card account safe and secure.

  SmartMoney Monday: Getting the most out of a checking account

In this SmartMoney Monday, we look at one of the most essential bank accounts you can have. Layla Fidel discusses the many uses of a checking account.

  SmartMoney Monday: Co-signing a loan

In this SmartMoney Monday, Chris Buto from Bank of Hawaii shares some tips for co-signers.

  SmartMoney Monday: Saving up for baby

Having a baby is one of life's greatest joys, but it can also be costly.

  SmartMoney Monday: Improving your credit score

In this SmartMoney Monday, we look at what your credit score means and why it's important. Adam Morris, from Bank of Hawaii, gives tips on how to repair your cr

  SmartMoney Monday: Teaching keiki about money

With the coronavirus putting a financial strain on so many families, now is a great time for parents to teach their kids about money.