Smart Money Monday

  SmartMoney Monday: Credit card safety

In this SmartMoney Monday, Catherine Sato from Bank of Hawaii shares tips on how to keep your credit card account safe and secure.

  SmartMoney Monday: Getting the most out of a checking account

In this SmartMoney Monday, we look at one of the most essential bank accounts you can have. Layla Fidel discusses the many uses of a checking account.

  SmartMoney Monday: Co-signing a loan

In this SmartMoney Monday, Chris Buto from Bank of Hawaii shares some tips for co-signers.

  SmartMoney Monday: Saving up for baby

Having a baby is one of life's greatest joys, but it can also be costly.

  SmartMoney Monday: Improving your credit score

In this SmartMoney Monday, we look at what your credit score means and why it's important. Adam Morris, from Bank of Hawaii, gives tips on how to repair your cr

  SmartMoney Monday: Teaching keiki about money

With the coronavirus putting a financial strain on so many families, now is a great time for parents to teach their kids about money.

  SmartMoney Monday: Safeguarding important documents

The COVID-19 crisis has made us all focus more than ever on staying safe. But there's one other thing we need to keep safe: our important financial documents.

  SmartMoney Monday: Setting achievable financial goals

In this SmartMoney Monday, we're going to talk about setting achievable financial goals. Catherine Sato, from Bank of Hawaii, gives some tips on how we can stil

  SmartMoney Monday: Scams targeting seniors

Officials are warning people of scams targeting seniors.

  SmartMoney Monday: Scams during the pandemic

On today's SmartMoney Monday we look at some scams that are happening during the coronavirus pandemic.

  SmartMoney Monday: Federal stimulus payments

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to put economic stress on many people throughout Hawaii, but there may be some federal help coming your way.

  SmartMoney Monday: Assistance for small businesses

  SmartMoney Monday: Re-examining financial situation

  SmartMoney Monday: Creating a new budget

  SmartMoney Monday: Prioritizing insurance policies

  SmartMoney Monday: Borrowing money

  SmartMoney Monday: Tips to become a successful saver

  SmartMoney Monday: Protecting against identity theft

  SmartMoney Monday: How to save for a big purchase

  SmartMoney Monday: Paying off holiday debt