Don’t let these new ‘Barnes’ Dance’ lines in Waikiki confuse you

Don’t let these new ‘Barnes’ Dance’ lines in Waikiki confuse you
Barnes' Dance lines in Waikiki are far bolder than previous lines. (Source: C&C of Honolulu)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Thanks to less congestion in Waikiki, the city has completed new pedestrian scramble crosswalk markings ahead of time.

The freshly painted lines allows for pedestrians to cross in all directions during the walk signal when all vehicular traffic is stopped. They already could do that at certain intersections, but the previous markings were very thin and hardly noticeable.

The new and improved lines are located at the normally busy Waikiki intersection of Kalakaua Avenue and Lewers Street.

It’s part of the city’s Complete Streets effort to enhance pedestrian safety around the island.

The fancy cross walk, so to speak, aims to increase visibility of pedestrian markings. It is known as a Barnes’ Dance. It reportedly got its name after traffic engineer Henry Barnes, who is credited with installing the first one in Denver in the 1950s.

A newspaper said people were apparently so happy about the clearer lines that they were dancing in the streets — hence the name Barnes’ Dance.

Barnes then went on to install them throughout New York city but they were so unpopular with drivers that all but one were removed.

The city said if Waikiki’s lines are successful, similar markings could be installed at other intersections with an exclusive pedestrian crossing phase.

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