Embattled Kauai Councilman accused of using drugs to pay for sex, feds say

Embattled Kauai Councilman accused of using drugs to pay for sex, feds say

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Federal prosecutors are raising startling new allegations that Kauai Councilmember Arthur Brun used drugs to pay for sex.

The feds alleged that Brun is the kingpin of an extensive Kauai drug operation that included nearly a dozen couriers, enforcers and gun smugglers.

In a motion to detain the councilmember, prosecutors cited a transcripts of phone calls between Brun and one female drug runner where he is heard asking her to perform oral sex as part of her duties.

The feds said that one of his drug runners actually reported Brun to the Kauai Police Department after seeing “Brun have an ‘orgy’ with females who appeared to be 18 to 19 years old.”

“That a member of Brun’s drug trafficking organization was so appalled ... was willing to report it to the KPD is an indication of the seriousness of this behavior,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Van Demark wrote in a memorandum to detain Brun.

Prosecutors said it all shows how Brun is a danger to the community and should be kept behind bars.

Brun appeared at his arraignment in Federal Court today in a wheelchair and pleaded not guilty. His court-appointed attorney Rustam Barbee said he’s still trying to learn about the case.

“I’m early on the case, as all counsel is on the case. So it’s all a matter getting the information and analyzing the information," he said.

Court filings show that much of the government’s case is based on wiretaps of telephone calls.

That includes a call last October where the feds said Brun was overheard talking to a drug runner about the sale of nearly a pound of meth.

“Killa ... the best one so far,” the man allegedly told Brun.

In another intercepted call, a member of Brun’s drug organization threatened a member of the United Samoan Organization prison gang, who suspected Brun of cooperating with law enforcement.

“I work for Brun long time. Don’t you even think of touch him ... You going deal with me first ... You going to have to bury me first, brah," co-defendant Orlando Manguchei allegedly told the USO member.

In all, the feds say the organization smuggled a large amount of drugs and guns.

“We recovered numerous firearms from various individuals throughout the investigation,” said Jon Blais, Agent-in-Charge at the ATF in Honolulu.

“We also seized more than 4 kilograms of methamphetamine and thousands of dollars in cash.”

Brun remains in custody and his detention hearing will be held on Wednesday.

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