Police arrest suspect accused of sexually assaulting 2 women at office building

Police arrest suspect accused of sexually assaulting 2 women at office building

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - A homeless man was arrested after sexually assaulting two women in a Makiki office complex Thursday in an attack that has workers in the area shaken.

The 39-year-old is facing multiple charges stemming from the incident. Leroy Beaver was charged Friday with three counts of sexual assault.

Police sources say the incident happened at the Interstate Building, where surveillance cameras captured the shirtless man standing inside the lobby Thursday afternoon.

One of the victims told police that she encountered the suspect in an elevator allegedly committing a lewd act.

When she turned to run, he chased her, pushed her down some stairs and sexually assaulted her, police sources said.

Around the same time, a second woman was allegedly groped by the 39-year-old inside an elevator.

“It’s hard to really put into words how I feel about that in a news-friendly sort of way but it’s disgusting,” said Skyler Sponberg, who works on the first floor of the building and says he saw the man acting strangely on the sidewalk outside.

He said the man was making “odd movements.”

“Head bobbing up and down as he was walking around. Just very inhuman looking motions,” he said.

People who work at area businesses say problems with homeless and people on drugs have gotten much worse over the past year.

“It’s just been unbelievable. We see it all day, every day,” said Loving Farias, the manager of Trophy House, Inc. “The landlord gave us some mace. So I literally walk with that in one hand and my cane in the other.”

Sources confirm witnesses to one of Thursday’s attacks followed the suspect out of the building and surrounded him so he couldn’t get away.

During the arrest, officers found a syringe in the man’s pocket, sources said.

Hawaii News Now is not naming the man because he hasn’t been charged. But the suspect’s criminal history dates back more than two decades with 37 convictions, including for nine drug-related felonies.

In late October, a judge found that same man guilty of indecent exposure.

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