Starbucks: ‘Highly unlikely’ that a gecko was found in a Kaneohe man’s drink

Starbucks: ‘Highly unlikely’ that a gecko was found in a Kaneohe man’s drink
A man says he found a dead lizard in his Starbucks drink cup after ordering from a Kaneohe location. (Source: Jessica)

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Starbucks is responding to a Kaneohe man’s claim that there was a dead lizard in his drink — and casting doubt on the incident.

Starbucks said they do take all claims seriously and have investigated the report.

On Sunday, they issued a statement responding to the allegations:

“Given the process and steps necessary to make and serve cold brew coffee and based on our investigations, we believe it is highly unlikely that this happened the way it has been described. We’re committed to investigating and finding a resolution, but there has not been any indication of animal activity in the store — as such, we question the legitimacy of this claim until further proof is provided,” Starbucks said.

Last week, a customer named Jessica told Hawaii News Now she went to a Kaneohe Starbucks on Thanksgiving day. She bought a drink for herself and her husband who apparently made the discovery of the dead lizard after drinking his drink.

A Starbucks spokesperson added that they are actively investigating the matter and they are working to make things right with the customer.

Jessica said she did notify the location’s manager and hopes they will work to ensure sanitary conditions in their stores and for their products.

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