Hiker Attacked By Wild Dogs

(KHNL) - They were hunting for some pretty views on a Honolulu hiking trail. But they became the hunted. A woman and her dog face off against a pack of wild hunting dogs.

At about 11:25 Saturday morning crews were called to Pali Trail for an injured hiker. The victim was on a popular trail located near the hairpin turn when a pack of about 7 dogs attacked the her and her two dogs.

"We met the girl who was attacked. She was trying to break up the fight with the dogs on leash. She had a bite and scrape on her arm," said Josh Thompson who was also hiking the trail.

Dogs are supposed to be on leash. The pack was likely on a pig hunt but instead they went after the hiker and her pets.

During the attack, Lucy the hikers two year old black lab went missing. Firemen and friends hiked in to help located the runaway labrador.

About two hours after the attack the search crew returned. At first it looked as if their search had failed. But then there was a glimpse of black fur. The fireman say they discovered the dog hiding in a hole about a mile and a half into the trail.

It was a happy reunion for the hiker and her dog but the wild pack was never captured.