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Dam Bursts On Kauai, Two Dead, Others Missing

Dam breach at Kaloko Dam breach at Kaloko
Water flowing on to Kuhio Highway Water flowing on to Kuhio Highway
Road Closure On Kuhio Highway Road Closure On Kuhio Highway
Breach at Morita Reservoir Breach at Morita Reservoir
Breach at Morita Reservoir Breach at Morita Reservoir

(KHNL) As many as seven people are missing following a dam break in the Kilauea area. Two bodies have already been recovered. The dam at Kaloko Reservoir broke shortly before 7:30 Tuesday morning. Rescuers continued their search Tuesday night in the area near the 250 foot long break.

We're told upwards of 300 million gallons of water" may have rushed through and more continues to surge thruogh the breach. We also know the recovered body was found near the Kaloko Reservoir Tuesday afternoon. Two houses were also reportedly ripped right off their foundations.

As more rains threaten the Garden Isle some residents are being evacuated to shelters. One of the areas of concern is in the northern section of Kauai. Residents near the Morita Reservoir in Kilauea were urged to evacuate. Authorities say the Morita Reservoir is in danger of breaching. The Kilauea Neighborhood Center and Kula school are open as shelters for those who need to evacuate on the North Shore.

On the Southern part of  Kauai, people living near the Waita Reservoir  in Koloa were also urged to evacuate because of the threat of a breach. The Waita Reservoir is the largest reservoir in the state.

The main concern is in the north near the Kaloko Reservoir where as many as seven people are missing. Three people are confirmed missing. They were a family living in the path of the water. 

KHNL talked to several people who live near the Morita Reservior. They say the water roared down the stream bed around 5:30 Tuesday morning.

The wave of water left Kuhio Highway a mess. The road was closed cutting off those on the North Shore from the rest of the island. Crews tried to clean off the huge trees and debris from the roadway.

"We all ran outside we heard this huge rumbling. It sounded like 20 to 30 foot waves right in your backyard. Of course we're way up from the beach right here" said Wailapa resident Andrew Handy.

"It was pretty scary waking up to a big river that used to be really small back here" said Zack Mages.

The wave was so powerful it uprooted huge trees and a storage shack at one house. All that was left was the cement foundation.

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