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EXCLUSIVE: City fines owner of Kaneohe Bay home nearly $140K

(Image: Hawaii News Now) (Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now) (Image: Hawaii News Now)
Hugh Okuda (Image: Hawaii News Now) Hugh Okuda (Image: Hawaii News Now)
Charles Wong (Image:  File Video) Charles Wong (Image: File Video)
Image: Hawaii News Now Image: Hawaii News Now
KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Ever since Charles Wong moved into the quiet Kaneohe Bay neighborhood in 2010, neighbors have been complaining about the constant building done at the home at 96-107 Lililipuna Rd.

And just two years ago, city inspectors found that Wong didn't have proper permits for nearly a third of his compound, which towers over all of the homes nearby. The city has since fined Wong nearly $140,000 for the improper construction.

"I think it's ugly," said Hugh Okuda, who has lived on the property next door for two decades.

"If he gets away with living this way and building this way ... we're going to have everyone coming over here and building large buildings just like Lanikai or Kailua."

Violations issued by the city say that a concrete wall, a new basement, a deck and other structures were all built without proper permits.

Okuda said the landowner also raised the level of his land by eight feet, which causes muddy runoff to flood onto his property and into the bay whenever it rains.

"He's killing all the coral out here, all of the crabs, all of the little shrimp that was coming back -- all gone," Okuda said.

In May, Wong was fined $500 by the state Health Department for improper runoff from his property.

Wong could not be reached. He is the great-grandson of Sun Yat-Sen, who was the first president and founding father of the Republic of China.

A business associate said Wong built many of those structures after he believed he received all of the proper permits. It was only later that he found out that the city mistakenly didn't give him all of the permits he applied for.

The associate said he expects the permitting dispute to be settled by September, with Wong paying just a fraction of the fines.

Meanwhile, Okuda and other neighbors are pressing the city to either bring the mansion up to code or tear it down.

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