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The Road to Sainthood: Pilgrims Arrive in Rome

ROME, ITALY (HawaiiNewsNow) -

After a long journey, traveling from Hawaii to Syracuse and then finally on to Rome, pilgrims who were eager to unwind from the trek found the famed Piazza Navona the place to be in what is known as the Eternal City.

For the pilgrims, it's been a non-stop adventure since landing. Lunch at Piazza Navona was really the first moment they were able to take in the sights and sounds of Rome.

"Today we're just doing the touristy things," said Jeff Reiss, a pilgrim from Maui. "There's not enough time to shop. This is the first stop since the plane, and we got right onto a bus. They're really running us hard."

"It was a long walk," said Sister William Marie Eleniki. "After a while your feet tell you and your knees tell you and the sidewalks and the streets are not like home, and all the cobblestones, you have to watch."

For some, however, the traveling has provided an opportunity to continue to spread the word about Mother Marianne's work.

"All kinds of people see the jacket and ask," said Sister Joan of Arc Souza, of the jackets that some members of the group are wearing. "It all becomes teaching."

For the pilgrims, the lunch, with the famed fountain at Piazza Navona in the background, was one of few chances to actually sit back and relax. In the coming days, the group will meet the Pope, attend several masses, and then witness the canonization of Marianne, scheduled for Sunday morning in Rome, or Saturday night in Hawaii.

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