WATCH: Hawaii News Now’s 2018 year in review digital documentary

As the year comes to an end Hawaii News Now takes a look back at the impressive and unforgettable stories of 2018 in this digital documentary.

  YEAR IN REVIEW: Hawaii is still mourning the loss of one of the Big Island’s finest

Officer Bronson Kaliloa died July 18, after being shot during a traffic stop in Mountain View.

  YEAR IN REVIEW: 2018 hurricane season was most destructive in years

Hawaii’s 2018 hurricane season was among the most destructive in years.

  Nearly a year later, the repercussions of Hawaii’s false missile alert are still being felt

It's hard to imagine the fake missile alert was sent nearly a year ago -- on Jan. 13, 2018.

  YEAR IN REVIEW: When an April rainstorm triggered historic flooding on Kauai

People whose homes were damaged or destroyed in April’s historic flooding disaster will never forget 2018.

  YEAR IN REVIEW: The 2018 eruption destroyed whole communities — and changed thousands of lives

The eruption from Kilauea’s lower east rift zone is technically over. But that doesn’t mean it won’t start up again.