Terry Hunter reviews BARBIE

Updated: Aug. 7, 2023 at 3:41 PM HST
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The hit comedy, BARBIE, cost about a hundred million dollars to make. And so far it’s grossed well over 800 million at the box office. That’s more money worldwide than any other movie comedy ever made. The film itself is a clever, creative and very funny comic satire capable of entertaining people of all ages. It brings the famous doll to life as a beautiful woman who doesn’t realize that she’s living in a pretend world. That situation creates lots of laughs, but the movie gets both more amusing and more serious when BARBIE enters the real world and is shocked to learn that many women believe she’s their enemy. Filmmaker Greta Gerwig has her cake and eats it too in this smart, wonderfully playful romp. BARBIE is more than just a movie—it’s a phenomenon. (IN THEATERS ONLY)