Terry Hunter reviews Oscar winner ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT

Updated: Apr. 3, 2023 at 3:06 PM HST
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The classic 1929 German antiwar novel ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT has been adapted for the movies three times. The latest version won this year's Academy Award for Best International Film. It also won for Cinematography, Production Design, and musical score. And I have to say it deserves those honors. But as great as it is, this movie isn’t easy to watch. It’s like being pulled right into the horrific trench warfare of World War I, surrounded by mud and fear and the brutal slaughter of too many young men. I wish every young man who wants to go to war would watch a film like this one before he signs up. ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT is streaming on NETFLIX. You can watch it dubbed into English or in the original German with subtitles.