Terry Hunter reviews WOMEN TALKING and LIVING

Updated: Feb. 5, 2023 at 3:29 PM HST
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Sometimes films need to be nominated for an Academy Award before Hawaii theaters bring will them here. WOMEN TALKING and LIVING are two examples. Nominated for best picture, WOMEN TALKING is an intense drama about women in an isolated religious farm community who have been sexually abused by seven of the men who rule their colony. When the rapes are discovered and police arrest the abusers, the rest of the men go to town to bail them out. And 8 of the women meet in a hayloft to debate what action they should take: Do nothing, stay and fight, or leave. Directed by Sarah Polley, the film stars Claire Foy, Rooney Mara, and Jessie Buckley among others. In LIVING, Bill Nighy has earned a Best Actor nomination for his role as a repressed bureaucrat and widower living a dreary, repetitive life in 1950’s Britain. But that all changes when his doctor tells him he has only about six months to live. LIVING is a fine reimagining of Akira Kurosawa’s IKIRU.