Terry Hunter reviews BROS

Updated: Oct. 9, 2022 at 10:03 AM HST
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The new movie, BROS, is the first gay romantic comedy made by a major Hollywood studio, and audiences not offended by LGBTQ+ characters will likely be entertained. Like any enjoyable romantic comedy, BROS is smart and funny and somewhat touching at the end. The main characters are two gay men in their early forties who’ve never been in a committed relationship and insist they aren’t looking for love. Comedian Billy Eichner stars and also co-wrote the script with the filmmaker who directed 50 FIRST DATES. For me one of the flaws of this romcom is that Billy’s character sometimes comes off as arrogant and obnoxious. That said, I enjoyed the sharp, often funny dialog and a glimpse into the lifestyles of 21st century gay people. The film deals with gay sex in a matter of fact way, but it’s no more graphic in sex scenes than Hollywood romcoms about heterosexuals. Bottom line: BROS is a lot of fun to watch. (Only in theaters)