Terry Hunter reviews KIMI

Updated: Mar. 7, 2022 at 4:16 PM HST
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Three time Oscar winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh has made 33 movie in 33 years. Zoe Kravitz gives a superb performance in his newest release, KIMI, a suspenseful and exciting high tech thriller that I really enjoyed. The title is the name of an Alexa like virtual assistant that can be a threat to personal privacy but also a life saver. At the center of this entertaining and realistic thriller, Angela (Kravitz) is an agoraphobic tech employee working from her loft apartment. She is a voice stream interpreter for the company that makes Kimi. Her job is listen to recordings of Kimi’s exchanges with customers to fix miscommunications and make the virtual assistant better able to understand its users. But when she hears what sounds like a murder being committed, nobody in her company wants to deal with it. In addition to directing, Soderbergh also shot the movie using the pseudonym, Peter Andrews, and edited it under the name Mary Ann Bernard. (HBO Max only)