Terry Hunter reviews BELFAST

Updated: Nov. 21, 2021 at 10:38 AM HST
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BELFAST is a comedy-drama about of a working class family in that Northern Ireland city in 1969 when Protestants and Catholics were fighting each other in the streets. It’s based on the memories of director Kenneth Branagh who was a 9 year old boy at the time. Actor-writer-director Branagh’s film is a crowd pleasing love letter to his parents, his grandparents and his young self. It presents joyful, touching and traumatic moments in his family’s lives as they struggled financially and worried they might have to move away from the only home they’d ever known just to escape the dangerous violence that was erupting all around them. The Irish accents are hard to decipher at times and a few scenes are over romanticized, but bittersweet drama, gorgeous cinematography and superb acting make BELFAST a pleasure to watch. (Only in theaters. Regal Dole Cannery & Koko Marina)