Terry Hunter reviews FREE GUY

Updated: Aug. 29, 2021 at 9:22 AM HST
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If you’re brave enough to go to a movie theater and you want to watch a crowd pleasing new comedy, check out FREE GUY starring Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer. Reynolds plays “Blue Shirt Guy,” a bank teller who discovers that he’s really nothing more than a background character in a violent video game. Jodie Comer has a double role as one of the game’s star players (Molotov Girl) and one of its creators (Millie) in the real world. In the video game, every day is almost like the day before and the innocent, always optimistic Guy accepts mayhem and violent bank robberies as normal since the virtual world of the game is all is all he’s ever known. But once he learns that he’s only a non player character in the game, he’s determined to change things. And he is smitten by Molotov Girl. The frantic cartoon-like violence that follows is a parody of what we see in action thrillers. I can’t even count the number of times I laughed out loud. FREE GUY is a sweet, hilarious comedy—fresh, clever and fun for anyone, even people who never play video games.