Terry Hunter reviews PIG

Updated: Jul. 25, 2021 at 9:42 AM HST
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Nicolas Cage has made 104 movies in the past 40 years. His latest, simply titled PIG, is an independent film directed by first time filmmaker, Michael Sarnoski. Cage won the Academy Award as Best Actor in 1995’s LEAVING Las Vegas, but his performance in PIG is just as good. Cage plays a hermit who’s spent 15 years living in an Oregon forest. His only companion is his pig, a beloved pet that helps him find truffles in the forest soil. This may sound like the setup for a boring movie. But against the odds, this slow paced, well acted film has a quiet intensity that makes for a deeply moving experience. Cage is Rob, a grizzled recluse and grieving widower who seems content in his lonely life with a pig. His only human contact is Alex Wolff as Amir, a young man from the Portland fine food business who visits once a week to buy the truffles. But everything changes when unknown assailants attack Rob and steal his pig. PIG is like a fable for adults about loneliness, love, and loss. Rob’s soulful intensity may get to you. It’s a masterful performance. PIG had more impact on me than any other film I’ve seen so far this year. PIG is showing only in theaters. On Oahu you can see it Dole Cannery and Pearlridge.