Feds warn UFO enthusiasts against storming Area 51

More than a million Facebook users have signed up for a fake event, saying they want to storm Area 51 on September 20 to “see them aliens."

  Bee-infested tree falls on family's home during Hurricane Barry

A tree infested with bees fell on a family's home in Louisiana as they frantically tried to escape.

  Barry brings heavy rain, inland flooding

  Egypt: Bent Pyramid opens for first time in decades

Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany told reporters over the weekend that tourists are now allowed to visit the Bent Pyramid.

  American flags stolen, then vandalized at Florida restaurant

Two flags were stolen from a Florida restaurant and then another flag was vandalized.

  20-minute nature walk could decrease stress

Researchers say we can reduce stress levels and improve our mental health by spending 20-30 minutes outside each day.

  Security guard seen on camera pulling gun on deputy

The deputy is still trying to wrap his head around a potentially fatal situation that arose out of what should have been a simple encounter.

  Husband and wife married for 71 years die on same day

Their love was so strong that the husband and wife took their final breaths only hours apart.

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  WATCH: Man gets between mother bear and cubs in Tenn. park

In the video, the bear appears to lunge at the man and he backs off. The bear and three cubs then continue across the street and into the woods.

  Walmart offering deals to compete with Amazon Prime Day

Walmart is offering some deals to compete with Amazon Prime Day.

  Man said he found decades-old message in a bottle

A man was vacationing with his wife on Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., when he said "it just came bobbing by."

  Trump targets congresswomen of color in tweet

President Donald Trump is being criticized for using a racist trope against Democratic congresswomen of color, all of whom are American citizens.

  Barry soaks Gulf Coast

  Video: Baby, toddler rescued from burning building

Two construction workers saved lives at the scene of a fire.

  Officers opened fire on man outside detention facility

Authorities said four officers opened fire on a man who they said attacked the facility.

  Barry moves inland as flooding concerns rise

  Barry weakens to tropical storm on landfall in Louisiana

  Florida man attacks hotel owner over parking spot

  Coast Guard updates on Terrebonne Parish rescue

  Couple rescued by Coast Guard in Terrebonne Parish

  Raids on undocumented immigrants start Sunday

  Teacher says shooting drill was too realistic

  Georgia police officer rescues drowning couple

  Gulf Coast prepares for Barry