Racist photo investigation "inconclusive"

  Kentucky nurse arrested, charged with sexually abusing a patient

Police say Alvin Clark Buckmaster is charged with first-degree sexual abuse after being caught on surveillance video nine different times with the victim.

  Truck falls through parking garage in N.J.

A truck has fallen through the upper level of a parking garage in North Bergen, N.J.

  Are there hidden cameras in your Airbnb?

Is your Airbnb host spying on you?

  President Trump says he does not do cover-ups

Trump speaks and defends himself about not doing cover-ups.

  Pelosi: Trump 'engaged in cover-up'

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called out the president after meeting with House Democrats on Wednesday.

  Here’s how to sniff out spy cameras in Airbnbs

Gary Glarner, owner of WatchDog Surveillance and Spy Gear, uses detectors to find hidden cameras.

  The St. Louis Blues are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals

The St. Louis Blues make their first Stanley Cup finals appearance since 1970.

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  Washington becomes first state to legalize composting of humans

When a loved one passes away, you can either bury or cremate them, but now you can compost them?

  Man gets life in prison for 1993 death of wife

Michael Haim was a suspect in the case for decades. But his son's discovery broke the case wide open.

  Worker shocked by power lines after falling from bucket truck

The man was transported to Rhode Island Hospital where he is undergoing care.

  Teacher cut boy's hair without permission, parent says

The student told his dad the teacher made him feel like he would be in trouble if he didn't let her do it.

  Wild RV chase ends in crash

The driver’s identity has not been released. Both dogs are in stable condition. The condition of others injured in the pursuit was unknown.

  Southern Plains region deals with destructive storm system

A relentless storm system has produced tornadoes and flooding.

  Hospital questioned in fetal abduction case

Authorities are searching for answers regarding a Chicago hospital's reaction to an apparently suspicious situation.

  5th migrant minor dies in US custody

  Meeting between Trump and Democrats falls apart

  Ford testing delivery robot that walks like a human

  NC teacher threatened to shoot up school, officials say

  Midland County Sheriff's Office train crash

Video shows a Midland County Sheriff's Office vehicle being hit by a train.

  New NY state bill proposes ban cellphone use while crossing street

If the bill is passed, offenders could be fined between $25 and $50 for using cellphones while crossing the street.

  Family questions hospital, police in fetal abduction case

Cook County Sheriff to investigate hospital where Marlen Ochoa-Lopez's baby was brought; family demands answers about the hospital's actions.

  Home in Oklahoma surrounded by flood waters

Aerials of a home surrounded by flood waters in Oklahoma County, OK

  New Coke to return in promotion with Stranger Things

The upcoming third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things takes place in the summer of 1985, the same year as the launch of New Coke.

  Students protest Catholic high school’s skirt ban

Cathedral Catholic High School in Carmel Valley made the announcement Friday.

  Impossible Foods and Little Caesars team up to make meatless sausage

First meatless burgers and now meatless sausage? What's next?!

  The Southern Plain is at risk of tornadoes

The South saw a few dozen tornadoes over the weekend, but Monday’s conditions are ripe for something much worse.

  75 years after leaving school for war, veteran gets diploma

Lou Pioli, 99, left college to serve in World War II. This past week, he received his associate’s degree.

  White House blocks McGahn's Congressional testimony

Don McGahn was subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee.

  Swift-water rescues seen in Okla.

Severe thunderstorms to flood parts of Oklahoma after tornadoes damaged homes.