Capitol Hill Riots Video

  Security ramped up at state Capitol ahead of presidential inauguration

State and local law enforcement are increasing security measures at the Hawaii state Capitol on the advice of the FBI who earlier this week warned of armed prot

  US Rep. Kai Kahele explains why there is no comparing Capitol riot to BLM movement

Representative Kai Kahele refutes the Republican argument comparing the Capitol riots to the Black Lives Matter protests.

  Civil Beat reporter explains impeachment vote significance

Washington, D.C.-based reporter Nick Grube updates us on the historic proceedings as congressional members debate impeaching President Trump again.

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  Hawaii Republican Party Chair says President Trump should not be removed prematurely

Shirlene Ostrov, chair of the Hawaii Republican Party, denounced the violence at the U.S. Capitol.

  Violent riot at Capitol raises questions about the future of the Republican Party

The violent riots at the U.S. Capitol last week have raised questions about the future of the Republican Party.

  Man who ran for office in Hawaii among ‘Proud Boys’ who stormed US Capitol

Top stories from across Hawaii and around the world, as seen on the 6 p.m. news broadcast from Hawaii News Now.

  Civil Beat's Nick Grube describes his experience at Capitol riots

When he heard loud noises outside the US Capitol, Civil Beat reporter Nick Grube knew it was getting violent.

  Washington-based reporter weighs in on safety, COVID-19 concerns at Capitol riot

Peter Zampa watched the riots from Washington, D.C.

  CBS News reporter says she was surprised at how easily rioters got into Capitol

President Trump says there will be an "orderly transition" on January 20th.

  Rep. Mike Gallagher: 'We are witnessing absolute banana republic crap'

Rep. Mike Gallagher: "We are witnessing absolute banana republic crap in the United States Capitol right now."

  Rep. Ed Case says he's safe during U.S. Capitol riots

  Pro-Trump mob storms U.S. Capitol