Crack Seed Store

It's so small that two is literally company and three's a crowd. But for more than 50 years now, the Crack Seed Store in Kaimuki has offered these sweet, and salty, and hot, and sour preserves. All still displayed in the old glass jars.

Just how many different kinds of see mui do they have?

"You know, I never did count. I would say 90 to 95 different varieties and every one is different," says Kon Young.

Kon Young has owned the Crack Seed Store for the past 24 years. He's more than happy to give customers a sample before they buy.  And the store is also a source for memories.

On this day, people who had moved to the mainland, were home for a visit and had to make a stop at the Crack Seed Store to reminisce about small kid days.

"I used to go to church, Kaimuki Christian Church up the street, and we'd get out of church and we'd run down the hill and go to the Crack Seed Store," says Doug McKeague.

"The electric trolley buses used to come here. This was a transfer point. So we'd hang around here, get some see mui, and then catch the bus to Kuliouou," says Bill Young.

Of course they can't leave without stocking up on their favorites.

"Boy this takes me back to when I was a kid, I'd come to the Crack Seed Store, get my mochi crunch, my pistachio nuts, my candy, my see mui, and of course my cuttlefish, dried squid. Mmm, love the legs."

No matter your favorite, the Crack Seed Store will package it up for you just the way they did more than five decades ago.

The mouthwatering treats and the memories make it just one more reason you are so Lucky You Live Hawaii.

The Crack Seed Store is on Kokohead Avenue near Waialae Avenue. Drop in and say high to Mr. Young and have some mouth watering crack seed.

And if you know of a person, a place or something that makes us all lucky we live Hawaii, Lyle would like to share them with all of our News 8 viewers. Send him your suggestions by email.