Hawaii Foodbank gets big donation

Chad Buck
Chad Buck

By Roger Mari - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL)  - During this economic downturn, the Hawaii Foodbank looks up to one of their biggest donors for help. His contributions mean a lot to hundreds of needy families.

Chad Buck is one of Hawaii's major food distributors, and as his business grows, so does the amount of food he donates each year to the Hawaii Foodbank.

The shelves might look full at the Hawaii Foodbank, but donations are down 5% this year, which translates to 200,000 pounds of food. Chad Buck is honored Monday for being this year's biggest individual donor.

"This place is really starting to thin out a bit just because of what's going on with the economy, and that sort of made us step up our efforts," says Chad Buck of Hawaii Foodservice Alliance.

His donations make a big difference. On average, the Foodbank delivers about 35,000 pounds of food each day. The number has dropped to about 31,000 pounds. People like Chad keep the Foodbank full, and needy families fed.

"If he weren't in business, we wouldn't be in business. We get about 35% of our product from retailers and 37% from people like Chad," says Dick Grimm of The Hawaii Foodbank.

With a thriving business, Chad feels lucky to survive these tough times, sharing his bounty with people who need it most.

"Being up during an economy like we're working through now, we feel it's more of a responsibility, and more of our duty to actually give more," says Buck.

While the state continues to feel the effects of an economic slowdown, one man helps families less fortunate enjoy the holidays one pound at a time.