Road woes for West Oahu

James Manaku
James Manaku
Lily Cabinatan
Lily Cabinatan

By Paul Drewes - bio | email

MAILI (KHNL) - A small West Oahu street is having an identity crisis and some who live there fear it could lead to catastrophe.

You can find their street on a map, but good luck once you get there.

There are four separate street names found along one West Oahu road. Creating confusion for the community, that is now calling for a name change and more.

On a quiet street in Maili, a check of the missing signs and you might think it's a street with no name, but instead it has too many.

"Our street name is really not our street name, my address is Kalaaupuni, my neighbor down the road is Maliona," said resident Lily Cabinatan.

A quick drive down this back road, and you'll notice the street names change, even though the road doesn't. Residents say the name of the street didn't matter when these were all large agricultural lots, but as more people moved in, so did the confusion. And confusion concerns residents during times of crisis.

"Whenever the police and ambulance come in looking for an emergency, they have a difficult time to find the home," said James Manaku.

Signs aren't the only concern for neighbors. The sunny street during the day turns into a dark and scary place at night.

"Its totally dark here, people burn cars here. They rip you off, they do drugs here, they do their drugs in the dark, its awful," said Cabinatan.

A number of Maili residents are asking for street lights, sidewalks and a single name for their road.

So far, they haven't received any results from the city, and they don't want to wait until it becomes a life or death decision.

"Its a health and safety issue people could be dying and no one is here to help," said Cabinatan.

"I hate to see someone die," added Manaku.

KHNL is also awaiting a reply from the city regarding a possible name change or addition of street lights along the confusing Maili road.