The solution to the vog might be in Washington

Robert Herkes
Robert Herkes

By Roger Mari - bio | email

BIG ISLAND (KHNL) - The House Special Committee held it's final meeting today on vog-related issues covering everything from public safety, water quality and the effect vog is having on Hawaii's agriculture and economy. Vog to a certain degree leaves them in the fog.

After a three hour meeting, it's still unclear what State and Federal agencies plan to do about the vog problem across Hawaii, particularly on the Big Island. the House Special Committee believes relief needs to come from Washington.

"We really need to reach out to FEMA and congress for some help on this issue," said Robert Herkes, of the House Special Committee.

It's taking it's toll on residents living near the volcano and in Kohala where many are suffering from respiratory conditions.

"I've had people call me who have lived in Kohala for generations and their doctors are saying they have to leave, that's pretty serious," said Herkes.

A vog hotline is available for people who have questions but, political leaders said it's not enough because it's only active 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday.

"Vog takes the night off and the weekends off," said Herkes. "People need the help right now."

For now islanders have to wait for the next legislative session while the committee puts together a final report.

"It's a wide ranging natural disaster that shows no end of stopping," said Herkes.

The committee needs go through 20 more pages of testimony. They will then work on a way to get that information out to people.