Artist Josh Miles exhibit at Hans Gallery

Josh Miles
Josh Miles

By Diane Ako - bio | email and Tai Hiranaka email

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) - Art lovers, you're in for a treat. An upcoming exhibition at a Hawaii Kai gallery features a cutting edge sculptor and painter who may have reinvented a new spin on an ancient technique. Here's a preview of the works of Josh Miles.

From oils on canvas, to bowls made of ceramic, you'll rarely find an artist more diverse than Josh Miles. "I'm primarily a sculptor and ceramic artist," he explains.

The pride of his collection is these lacquered wood panels that are elegant, powerful, and uplifting. Miles describes the feeling he wants to impart on the viewer: "I want you to see the ocean and hear the music when you see these pieces."

Miles thinks he's the only one in the world to combine lacquer and ceramics, a tricky technique, that, done right, produces beautiful results. This series is called Tides. "It's synonymous with the ebb and flow of music," he says.

His art is infused with emotion. He invented what he calls 'grounding jars' after moving to Hawaii. "I was really trying to find myself and get myself grounded because I was going in too many different directions at one time. They really are about grounding. A lot of them have feet on them. A lot of times I'll fill these vessels full of soil. It's all about having one's feet on the ground."

He sculpted a series around babies, which he loves. They all came out of his dreams, recorded in clay. They are precious looking baby heads in different scenes like clam shells, or on the beach under a palm tree. Some are more disturbing; the result of his nightmares.

Miles also produces canvas paintings in subdued colors. He calls his canvas style "modern abstract expressionist work."

The native Texan has been making art since he was a child, with his first exhibition at the tender age of 10. He's had about 150 exhibitions so far, but this one is different. It's a compilation of his talents. It's a collection he's taken decades to create, and now he's eager to share it with the public.

Josh Miles is having a show at the Han's Gallery in Koko Marina on September 27. It's an ongoing exhibition.