Solo female rower finishes first leg of voyage in Hawaii

Roz Savage
Roz Savage

By Roger Mari - bio | email

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - She already made history by becoming the first solo woman to finish the 3000-mile "Atlantic Rowing" race two years ago.

Now Roz Savage is looking to conquer the Pacific.

After covering nearly 2,500 over 99 days at sea, Roz Savage arrived in Waikiki Monday morning.

The 40-year old was welcomed by dozens on land and in the water.

"Wonderful people, seeing people in their boats and their outrigger canoes some people have flown here from the mainland especially to see me in, it's been really heart-warming."

Roz went out on this voyage for several reasons, to inspire people to challenge themselves, test her own capabilities without relying on others, and to address a problem in the Pacific Ocean.

"First and foremost, it was to raise environmental awareness, especially about plastics, there's a lot of plastic ploution getting into the ocean."

In her 24 x 6 foot long rowboat, Roz completed the first leg of her voyage, gaining the respect of her peers and at the same time losing some extra pounds. Each day she would row between 8-and-12 hours. But she's not done yet.

Next stop is the Pacific Island Nation of Tuvalu before heading down under.

"I'm feeling in pretty good shape now. I would say my body fat percentage has gone down significantly over the past three months."

A great way to stay fit and raise awareness about the crisis facing the worlds oceans.

Roz Savage hopes to complete her voyage to Australia by 2010.