Men taking interest in new Olympic events

George Hartman
George Hartman
Jack Shizrou
Jack Shizrou
Kerwin Kahalekulu
Kerwin Kahalekulu

By Zahid Arab - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A new type of audience may be a big part of what's making the Beijing Olympics one of the most watched in history.

From swimming to gymnastics even the toughest, "man-liest" men are catching Olympic fever.

Whether it's the watching the king of swim Michael Phelps rewriting history books, the US Women's Volleyball team spiking on opponents, or even watching america's gymnasts shine on the international stage, the Olympics have officially gone macho.

Here at The Shack this is where men drink. Spitting, swearing, smelly men, the place has so much testosterone, even the girls burp.

When it comes to watching the Olympic games, like other guys, George Hartman has a big Beijing secret.

"I wouldn't do that here, I'd get teased if I got caught watching gymnastics," said Olympic Fan George Hartman.

And he's not alone. The games are going past gender lines.

"Shawn Johnson, she's a hell of a little girl," said Olympic Fan Douglas Leipertz.

"She's that young that mature, she's a hell of a fighter, that girl can really perform," Leipertz said.

Even concrete mixers are digging gymnastics.

"It's very manly to be a gymnast now. It's not by any means a feminine sport. I admire people with those bodies they have strong arms," said Olympic Fan Jack Shizrou.

Others are watching but are still maintaining their macho.

"We're waiting for the rougher sports to come out like track and rugby," said Olympic Fan Kerwin Kahalekulu.

Recognizing the risks and rewards all Olympic athletes face, for these men it's not a matter of masculinity, it's all about affinity for America.

"If you're into sports, you're into American competition and pride for america, you got to watch the Olympics. You have to cheer on your country and your home team to win the gold," said Leipertz.

While they may get teased for watching events like gymnastics, men say they're response is usually, let's see you try and do anything close to that.