More mangoes in the future?

Mark Suiso
Mark Suiso

MAKAHA (KHNL) - They are only around for a short time, but island mangoes are very popular when they are in season.

Now, a Makaha man has made it his mission to make sure there are more mangoes for everyone.

Mark Suiso is mad about mangoes.

"This is my church, I come out here to see my trees, " said the Makaha grower.

So you can understand why he loves summertime.

Summertime is mango time.

Mango trees love the hot summer days, soaking up the sunshine in leeward Oahu to make the fruit even sweeter.

"Nothing tastes better than fruit that comes out of your yard, " added Suiso.

Makaha Valley is mango country. Where you not only see roadside stands with pickled fruit and fresh mangoes, every yard has a mango tree.

But as Suiso looked around the rest of the island, he saw many are missing out on this sweet summertime treat.

"I don't see fruit trees in their yard, and gardens in their yards and I thought that having a fruit tree brings you closer to the earth."

So along with sharing these flavorful fruits with others, he is encouraging more people to plant trees. To get a taste of the joys of growing and giving.

"Having mangoes in the back yard and giving it to someone is a touch of Hawaii, " said Suiso.

Individual mango growers are disappearing, but Suiso would like to reverse that trend and carve a deeper niche in the island fruit industry.

More growers would also mean more varieties of mango.

And all trees, like the ones in Suiso's church just need a few simple things to thrive in our islands.

"One part sunshine, two parts water and three parts prayer," added Suiso.

There will be a mango festival on September 6th at the Makaha Valley Resort. Where growers will gather to showcase their favorite variety of mangoes. There will be cooking demonstrations using mango and plenty of tastings of these flavorful fruit.