Stop Rail Now asks for public voice in general election

Cliff Slater
Cliff Slater

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With three months away before the November election, Oahu's anti-rail group is asking that the public vote on the rail issue in this year's general election.

Stop Rail Now says they have exceeded their goal of collecting 45,000 signatures in petition of the rail system.

However, the City Clerk fires back saying the group failed to meet the deadline for the general election.

In a statement Monday from City Clerk Denise de Costa she says, "The charter prohibits from acting upon a special election initiative petition for this year's general election if an election is scheduled within 180 days of submittal of the initiative petition."

But Stop Rail Now thinks otherwise.

"It was necessary for us to present the petition and get her to turn it down so as grounds for our lawsuit tomorrow so we anticipated this would happen," said Cliff Slater, a Stop Rail Now volunteer.

Stop Rail Now adds they will prevail in this issue.