College women learn life-saving skills

Leah Creamer
Leah Creamer
Steve McLaughlin
Steve McLaughlin

College women learn life-saving skills

By Duane Shimogawa - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) -Most colleges are starting up soon and some female students are already taking courses to help them get ready for the challenge ahead.

It's a course that may help save their life.

Authorities say women should never walk alone to their cars when it's not lighted outside.

But brushing up on self-defense techniques is another way to stay safe.

Leah Creamer is one of around 20 women who took Sunday's self-defense course.

"I think it's just a part of life to be prepared, what do I have to lose," she said. "Even if I'm never attacked, at least I'm prepared, so if I am, I'm not afraid of boys."

Creamer just graduated from an all-girls high school. Now she's headed off to college in the Mainland. She feels taking this course may be the most important one.

"I think it's mostly a parent thing," she said."They want to make sure you're prepared before sending you off, so it's good for you 'cuz you feel safer about walking around by yourself and also your parents trust you being away from home."

The instructor of the course, Steve McLaughlin said he feels he's done his job, when women who've taken the course come back and tell him they've used the techniques in real-life situations.

"I don't want women to have to do this, they shouldn't have to know these skills, but it's good knowing that they got something basic behind them and the confidence to go out in society," he said.

McLaughlin said in one situation, a woman on Maui woke up to a man choking her in bed. He said she hadn't taken the course in more than 15 years and she remembered everything she learned. She fought off the man and ran away to safety.

Creamer already knows how to keep herself safe, but the extra help doesn't hurt.

"I guess just practical knowledge, I mean it's always good to be prepared for life, I mean we'd hope everyone out there is nice, but that's not really the reality."

A reality in life that all women have to deal with.

The four hour course teaches women three main principles of assess, avoid and escape. If you'd like to learn more about it, call McLaughlin at 351-3074.