Web site helps homebuyers look into Hawaii's real estate market

Joe Segal
Joe Segal

By Cindy Cha - bio | email

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A new Web site is helping home buyers looking into Hawaii's real estate market through an interactive blog.

From foreclosures to housing crunches, the site offers the latest insight on real estate trends in Hawaii and beyond.

Whether you're looking to sell or buy a home, getting information on Hawaii's real estate market is a must.

A new site called Hawaii Real Estate Reporter, aims to provide that information.

"Kind of cool on the right hand side here you can take a look at our most popular articles," said Joe Segal, Prudential Locations' online marketing manager.

Joe Segal oversees the Web site.  He says it has one philosophy.

"Putting the real estate information into the hands of consumers so they can make better informed buying decisions and this is another way to do the same thing but on a day to day basis."

The site shares up-to-date Hawaii real estate trends through written posts, video and interactive discussions.

One cool feature is the neighborhood snapshot, where it takes an overview of a specific neighborhood.

The site focuses on consumers but Segal says even brokers or professional real estate agents can be well served.

"We're able to cover news as it comes out in real time and it's just a great location to come and learn about the local Hawaii real estate market as it happens."

For now the site focuses only on Oahu but will soon expand to neighboring islands. Consumers are encouraged to visit the site and comment on the daily articles.