Pictures of a funnel cloud over Oahu

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Several KHNL News 8 viewers spotted a funnel cloud over central Oahu Wednesday afternoon and sent in these incredible images to us.

The photo above was sent was sent in by Jerome, a visitor from California who said: "Here is a picture of what I thought was a funnel cloud tailing out the afternoon of July 9th as our family was exiting H1 on Makakilo Drive to go to the shopping center where Safeway is located.  There was still a little very slow rotation at the trailing edge of the cloud. Everyone else in the car said I was crazy...there's no tornados in Hawaii!  I was shooting back towards the Northwest for this picture.  I did not hear of any reports until watching the news on KHNL this evening."

The above photo came to us from Jennifer of Ewa Beach. She writes: "We first noticed the cloud from Pearl City District park at around 5pm today, July 9th. We drove looking for a better view and ended up on a hill in Manana. We couldn't see if it touched the ground from our location but the military helicopters circling near the cloud probably had a better view."

This spectacular shot was sent to us by Kristen of Waikiki. Her photo shows the cloud forming northwest of Honolulu. Salt Lake crater is seen in the center of the photo.