Students Race and Learn at the Same Time

Heather Acidera
Heather Acidera

KUNIA (KHNL) -- Gravity is the force that causes two objects with mass to attract each other. That's the scientific definition, if you learn it from a book. Dozens of students learn about it in a unique setting -- the race track.

It's a day of racing, and learning.

"Good," said Heather Acidera, 6th grader at August Ahrens Elementary. "It's very fun. and kind of hot too."

The 2nd annual ABCRI box car school challenge pits elementary and middle school students against each other on the track in cars they built themselves.

"we learn how to put the cables in the axles, and we learn how to drive it," said Acidera.

"We nailed, drilled, painted, did measurements, pretty much everything," said Daniel Kwon, 6th grader at Washington Middle.

Did everything, and learn a little something along the way.

"Kids need to understand how math and science apply to other areas not just in the theoretical sense of a book," said Cassie Nii, tech ed teacher at Washington Middle School. "But they also can apply it to other projects that they can just use for fun."

So as these kids try to fulfill their need for speed, they're also learning concepts like acceleration, gravity and inertia.

"I think the second lane is faster than the other lanes because the 3rd lane goes kinda slow," said Acidera.

"You don't twist your steering wheel, cause it makes you stop," said Kwon.

And they also learned something else -- time management.

"Teamwork can accomplish everything," said Kwon. "Like we did on the box car. we thought we couldn't finish it."

"We only did it in four weeks," said Nii. "I would advise no one to do that. You're asking for trouble and no life."

Another good lesson.

Those who participated Friday plan to be there again next year. Schools interested in participating should contact the track.