Ho'ala School Celebrates Earth Day

Katie O'Neil
Katie O'Neil

By Walter Makaula

WAHIAWA (KHNL) -- An Oahu school dedicates the day to environmental awareness, and they prove helping the environment can be fun.

The entire student body from kindergarten through grade twelve participated in activities to commemorate Earth day.

Recycle, reduce, reuse, and reinvent are the lessons of the day for students of Ho'ala School in Wahiawa. The 107 member student body learn how to give back to mother earth and their community.

"If we don't recycle, we continue to fill up our landfills and if we continue at the rate that we're going here in Hawaii, we're going to run out of spaces," said teacher Katie O'Neil.

Oneil adds that it's important for her students to come up with new ideas and new solutions to the environmental crisis.

At an assembly Monday, the high school kids put on a fashion show for the rest of the school, encouraging the students to reuse clothes from their brothers and sisters closets and to reinvent clothing that ordinarily would have been tossed out.

Then, later in the day, the student body headed off campus to help clean up the neighborhood.

"We're going to go out into Wahiawa's community and actually pick up trash between our two campuses. And with the rubbish, some of the rubbish, the clean rubbish, we'll actually re-invent it into art pieces," said O'Neil.