Ige Sentenced To Six Months In Jail

Published: May. 28, 2002 at 8:31 PM HST|Updated: Apr. 12, 2011 at 6:41 PM HST
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He betrayed the public's trust. "I regret going down this path. I should never have done this." Now this former state senator will pay the price, behind bars. A state judge Tuesday sentenced Marshall Ige to six months in jail.

In just over a month, Marshall Ige will have an address here. The former senator turned convict was given some time to get his life in order before spending time behind bars. Ige once walked the halls of the state capitol, Tuesday morning he was walking the halls of the courthouse, after being convicted in two separate cases.

The first involved a couple from Beverly Hills approaching Ige in 1998, asking he clear their daughter's criminal record of two drug convictions. Ige said he could do it for 30-thousand dollars. When he never came through, they contacted the Attorney General's office.

The second case involved this farmer who leased 5 acres of land from the former Senator. In 1999, Ige threatened to evict Hanh Lam if he did not pay 7-thousand dollars, in advanced rent.

Lam said, "He was supposed to repay that money to me and it's been three years and he hasn't repaid it, so I'm very upset."

Ige pleaded guilty to one theft and four tax fraud charges. Kurt Spohn says Ige's actions discredited the state senate. "He was given the people's trust but he repaid that trust by being the cat guarding the milk. We cannot tolerate a state senator who swindles the very people he should protect."

Ige said, "I regret going down this path. I should never have done this." He rambled on for 15 minutes about all the good he did during his 20 years in office. Judge Sandra Simms did not buy into his words of desparation.

Simms said, "It's just wrong. It just goes against everything you seemed to have stood for all of these years."

Simms ordered Ige repay his debt to Lam, then begin serving a 6 month prison sentence on July first. Ige was back in the hallway, absorbing the consequences of his criminal acts. He said, "and putting this whole incident on the side. It's just a real relief for me. It's been a nightmarish couple years now."