Rockfall Mitigation To Save Lives

WINDWARD OAHU (KHNL) -- Windward Oahu drivers will see fewer chances of rocks falling onto roads and highways, as the state launches a three-month-long project.

Shoring up rocky cliffs is a priority.

"Unfortunately with the site we already had problems, past heavy rains had number of times the cliff would crumble and mud would end up on the ground," said Highway Spokesman Scott Ishikawa.

They removes trees and debris to stabilize the site. Crews tackle this troublesome cliff along the Kailua bound lanes of the Pali Highway.

For the past few years highway officials have worked on Oahu's top ten most dangerous roadways.

Hazardous due to overhanging boulders prone to sliding.

"I don't know if you remember but we had a top ten list in 2003 and by the time we are down with these sites hope to cross six off the list," explained Ishikawa.

Crews will place mats with grass seed on this unstable hillside leading into Waimanalo.

They will also shore up some danger zones along Kamehameha Highway in central Oahu. So far they've spent tens of millions of dollars to secure the hazards.

"It does take money but one human life is worth more than anything else, it is priceless so we want to make sure people are safe when they use our highways, " said Ishikawa.