Judge Rules: Developers Can't Build Storm Drain

David Franke
David Franke

EWA (KHNL) -- A judge rules an Ewa developer can't construct a storm drain that could potentially damage limu beds.

Limu is best know as a popular poke ingredient. Island residents savor the succulent seaweed.

Others harvest it for Hawaiian medicinal purposes.

When one limu gatherer learned that Haseko Corporation planned to drain the community's runoff into the ocean, he hired a legal team to fight it and won.

"If you look at the areas where there are no storm drains and compare them to areas close to storm drains, there is a significant difference in the kind of limu that grows," said attorney David Franke.  "There is more diversity and more native Limu growing where there are no storm drains."

Haseko responds saying that the community needs this discharge system to relieve flooded conditons during heavy rains.

Some runoff would be from the Haseko's ocean pointe subdivision.

Now the developer must present new evidence if a judge were to reconsider allowing the drain to be built.