Unwanted Media Exposure for Local Bounty Hunter

Timothy Chapman
Timothy Chapman
Gina Harrington
Gina Harrington
Garin Brickner
Garin Brickner

ALA MOANA (KHNL) -- He's known for catching criminals, but this time a well known bounty hunter is busted himself, accused of making terroristic threats.  But is it all a misunderstanding?

"This is about as non an incident as you can have," said Brook Hart, Timothy Chapman's lawyer. "A misunderstanding of massive proportions."

Terroristic threatening may not be all this local celebrity could be charged with.

Timothy Chapman, the bounty hunter who works alongside Duane "Dog" Chapman, turned himself in to police Friday.  He's now getting some unwanted "media exposure" for something witnesses say he shouldn't have been doing.

Witnesses say Chapman was having a private moment in his truck at a bank parking lot.  It's important to note, he has only been charged with terroristic threats.  Chapman's lawyer vehemently denies his client did anything wrong.

Ala Moana Shopping Center is typically bustling with activity.  Saturday morning was no different, but this time, the chatter focused on the alleged incident involving "Dog the Bounty Hunter's" Timothy Chapman.

"I was disgusted," said Gina Harrington, a tourist visiting from Baltimore, Maryland.  "I thought it was deplorable for a grown man, especially for a celebrity, to be behaving in that fashion."

"Didn't the same thing happen to Pee Wee Herman?" asked Garin Brickner, a Waimanalo resident.  "I think it's just blown out of proportion."

The alleged incident took place Thursday night at the Bank of Hawaii parking lot off of Keeaumoku Street, on the mauka side of the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

"Timothy Chapman was exposed from waist down," said a witness, who wishes to remain anonymous.

But Chapman's lawyer Brook Hart denies the allegation.

"But Tim was not masturbating and he was not doing anything but changing his wet pants into some dry ones," said Hart.

Hart said Chapman simply stopped after spilling orange juice on his lap.

"He got out his clean pants and was in the process of changing them, when some security guard, it turned out, came to his truck, and began to yell at him to get out of the truck," said Hart.

Then sources say, Chapman jumped the curb and drove off, almost hitting the security guard and other people on this sidewalk.

Witnesses say the security guard had to quickly move out of the way.

"He was really shaken up," said the anonymous witness. "He didn't know what to think."

Hart said Chapman simply didn't want a misunderstanding to get worse.

"Tim is remorseful for having driven over the sidewalk," said Hart. "He didn't intend to or even recklessly attempt to terrorize anyone."

But Hart added, an innocent act has gotten twisted around.

"I hate to think of all the people at the beach and around our city who change their clothes from time to time in the privacy of their cars of being mistaken for some sort of sex criminal," he said.

Hart has gotten calls about this from news organizations all over the world.

"It's mind boggling how we focus on these matters when there are so many important matters in the world," said Hart.

Again, no indecent exposure charge has been filed against Chapman, just the terroristic threats charge, which is a Class C felony.

He is now free on bail. If convicted, Chapman could face up to five years in prison.