Superferry Meets Protest In Kauai

Representative Hermina Morita
Representative Hermina Morita
Louise Sausen
Louise Sausen

(KHNL ) - Protestors in the water, and on shore showed up for a second evening as the Superferry sailed into Nawiliwili Harbor Monday night.

Witnesses tell us there were nearly 50 opponents in the water, on surfboards, canoes, and kayaks. They formed a human blockade, forcing the ferry to stall for nearly 3 hours outside the harbor.

Coast Guard vessels tried to clear a way for the ship. But they proved unsuccessful the Alakai eventually turned back to Honolulu.

Eleven protestors were taken into police custody, including 4 children.

Louise Sausen a Kauai resident said, "The kids that were out in the protest line. The police and the swat team that they sent out here went down and they were gonna arrest the kids and it's terrible, its terrible. They were gonna arrest the kids who were standing up for their rights."

"This is really ironic. Here you have this operation that is operating in blatant disregard for the law and you know the government, our government is going after the peaceful protestors, protesting in the only way they know how," said Rep. Hermina Morita.

Police attempted to arrest members of the blockade as soon as they stepped onto land, so many stayed in the water as long as possible, to avoid arrest.

Witnesses also tell us others in the crowd provided the protestors with dry clothes to blend in with the folks on land.

The U.S. Coast Guard recommended the state suspend service into Kauai's Nawiliwili Harbor saying: "the U.S. Coast is committed to safety and security. In this instance, the risk level was too high for the vessel, it's passengers and for the protestors."