Shark Attack Victim and Wife Going Home

Lisa Miller
Lisa Miller
Harvey Miller
Harvey Miller

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- An Ohio man whose face-to-face and jaw to leg encounter with a shark last week made national headlines, goes home tonight.

Harvey Miller gets around in a wheelchair, but he's improving, and looking a whole lot better than when we saw him a week ago.

"We're going to be on TV tonight," he laughed, as a hotel employee helps him in his wheelchair.

Miller is all smiles a week after a shark chomped on his leg while he was snorkeling off of Bellows Beach. He was a bit groggy after his surgery, but Friday, his spirits were much higher.

"I feel great," said the 36-year-old attorney. "I didn't take any pain medication last night. There's no ongoing pain so I'm excited by that."

Miller's leg is getting better. The antibiotics are working, and there's no sign of infection in his knee.

"The bigger problem I'm going to have is with the foot itself," said Miller. "With the peroneal nerve being severed, I've got a foot I can't lift."

Still, Miller's grateful he's alive, and grateful to God, and to all the people who've helped him.

"To me they're the heroes of the story," he said. "They're the heroes of the story. I got bit by a shark, but they made it happen."

But at least one person considers Miller a hero.

"He's a very strong person and he's very brave," said his wife Lisa. "He puts on a brave face. I'm just glad he had the presence of mind to know what to do in that situation."

The Millers head home tonight, leaving Hawaii with everlasting memories.

"I love him," said Lisa Miller. 'I'm glad he's here. We're all glad he's here. If he would have lost his leg, I wouldn't care because he's here and that's what's important."

Miller will continue his treatment at the Medical University of Ohio, in his hometown of Toledo. Doctors will need to do a nerve graft and a tendon transfer for him to regain movement in his left foot.

The Millers home to return to Hawaii soon to have the vacation they couldn't have on this trip.