Friends Remember North Shore Shark Diver Jimmy Hall

Published: May. 11, 2007 at 1:57 AM HST|Updated: May. 11, 2007 at 3:58 AM HST
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Jimmy Hall
Jimmy Hall

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - Jimmy Hall captured most of his adventures on tape. His friends share some clips from his library.

He came dangerously close to a great white shark in Hawaiian waters. But it was another risky adventure that killed him.

The 41-year-old was in-between shoots for a shark special on the Discovery Channel. He went base jumping in a remote location in Canada when he hit the mountain and died. It took members of the expedition 23-hours to recover Hall's body.

In one interview Jimmy Halls talks about base jumping, "You are not just experiencing it for few seconds, it just goes and goes until you jump and it keeps going. And I can think back to when we jumped the north face and you finally jump off that it's beautiful."

Jimmy's friend and big wave surfer Dan Moore adds, "A lot of people were taken by surprise by his death. He loved life to the fullest and did a lot of crazy things. All of his stunts, base jumping, sky diving, all of it methodically thought out, very calculated and he didn't take unnecessary chances."

He could have never planned his greatest feet. It happened when a great white shark visited one of his shark tours.

Hall mentions, "When I jump in out there and see how clear it is, how blue the water is, and all the sharks, it just takes my breath away every time I jump in there."

The Discovery Channel was featuring Hall as host of a shark series, what he didn't know, friends say they planned making it their number one show.

Moore found out, "Ironically he didn't get the word. He would have gotten the e-mail when he got home or his next call to girl Stephanie."

Moore concludes, "He will be missed by a lot of people."

When not on an adventure, Hall and his partner, Stephanie would share stories with children from The Christian School on the North Shore.