People Enjoying Library's New Self-Check Out

Chloe Ward
Chloe Ward

KAPOLEI (KHNL) - Hawaii's libraries are going high-tech.

A new self-check out system at Kapolei Library debuted last fall, and people are giving it rave reviews.

Right now, it's the only self check out station in the state, freeing up librarians to do other jobs and it's supposed to make your experience here easier, and more enjoyable.

"They can come and check out materials themselves," said Richard Burns, director at Kapolei Library. "They don't have to wait in line, all they need is their library card and materials and they can check them out themselves."

The computer screen leads you through the process. You scan your library card, the book, and you're done.

"This is easy cause all you have to do is 3, 4 steps and you're done," said 9-year old Skylar Ulloa.

"It's kinda like a video game cause it has instructions and a tutorial," said 10-year old Chloe Ward.

"I love doing all that self check out stuff so this is pretty awesome," said 11-year old Kylee Ulloa.

"Children often have no problem with it," said Burns. "Sometimes older people like myself have difficulty with the machine."

The system has been in place since September. About 15-percent of the materials checked out go through here, and librarians say that number increases every month.

"It's all about providing better service for our customers," said Burns.

And it'll keep this group coming back.

"It's funner than waiting in line and watching them do it for you," said Ward.

One drawback is you can't do renewals through this machine. You still need to go to the desk for that.

There is one more machine on the way to the Hilo library.