Another Oahu Public School Employee Arrested

Penelope Tom
Penelope Tom

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Her job is to help keep an Oahu school clean for students and staff. But police say her private life is anything but clean. Now, another Department of Education employee is under arrest on suspicion of drug offenses.

The suspect, a fixture at Kaimuki High School for nearly a decade, confesses to KHNL News 8 before officers whisk her away. It's an interview you'll see Only on 8.

Anna Budinger is surrounded by officers conducting a drug raid at her Kapahulu home. It's a tough mess to clean up for the long-time custodian at Kaimuki High.

"When I arrived on campus (Friday) morning, we did have HPD here making an arrest and doing a search on one of our employees," Penelope Tom, school principal, said.

The 50-year-old is accused of selling crystal methamphetamine to undercover officers multiple times. Investigators say the deals took place at her George Street home, as well as on campus. The school is looking into whether she also provided drugs to students.

"We're not quite sure," Tom said. "We're still doing the investigation."

"I don't deal drugs in the school," Budinger told KHNL. "I just happen to work there."

"You deal drugs outside of the school?" this reporter asked.

"Yes," the suspect replied.

A Kaimuki High School parking tag hangs inside Budinger's car. Police say they found crystal meth in the car, and drug paraphernalia inside her home.

Concerned neighbors say they suspected drug activity at the house for quite some time. They say they're happy police took action.

The suspect later admits she sells ice at work.

"Just from your house?" this reporter asked again.

"From my house or my lunch break," Budinger responded.

"You deal during your lunch break?" this reporter asked.

"If my friend call," the suspect said.

Budinger could face enhanced charges for allegedly dealing drugs at a school.