Oily Substance Found in Ala Wai Canal Unknown

Captain Robert Butchart
Captain Robert Butchart

HONOLULU (KHNL) - An oil spill covers a portion of the Ala Wai Canal and teams from the Fire Department and the Coast Guard tried to contain it.  It started at about nine Wednesday morning when witnesses say they noticed an oily residue in the canal.

Someone called 911 and firefighters responded just after 2:00 PM.  They contained most of the spill with boons.  Officials say the oily substance could have been dumped or entered through the sewage system.  They do not know exactly what the substance is.

"I would say some kind of hydrocarbon.  I would say it could be diesel, any kind of motor oil.  It could be gasoline.  We just don't know," said Captain Robert Butchart.

The spill did not enter the main body of water, and there is no threat to the island's water supply.  Both the Fire Department and the Coast Guard are looking into the source of the spill.

As the investigation continues, the Fire Department has a warning, anyone who dumps illegal substance into the Ala Wai or our water system could face stiff penalties.