Prostitute Wants Help off the Streets


DOWNTOWN HONOLULU (KHNL) - Were following a story on residents and lawmakers in Downtown Honolulu who say they're fed up with prostitution on Kukui Street and want tougher laws for violators. In response, some of the prostitutes say they want out, but have no way out. Khnl news 8's Mary Simms has more on one woman's struggle on the streets.

Ivory is a Kukui Street prostitute, and this is her corner.

She says a group of protesters are bad for business.

"The neighbors, the people who live in this area are just sick of it, said Rep. Karl Roads. Its time for it to just quit being on Kukui street."

"I do agree that we shouldn't be in their neighborhood," said Ivory, "but it's not their neighborhood we shouldn't be in-- we shouldn't be in anybody's neighborhood."

Those who live in the area feel imprisoned.

"When we'll be walking lets say from Safeway or Longs and you see spent condoms lying on the ground," said Delores Mollring, Neighborhood Board member and resident.

"Its horrible, it's sad, I'm distraught. It's overwhelming. I don't want to be here anymore," said Ivory.

But Ivory doesn't know how to get out.

"There's places to go if you're a drug addict, if your abused, but where are you supposed to go if you're a prostitute and you want off the street?" asked Ivory.

She's walked Kukui Street since 1997. To survive she wont steal.

"Instead I get something stolen from me, and I give it up willingly," said Ivory, "but I don't want to have to

bargain for my body anymore."

She wants help

"If they want us off the street, then they need to help us because society in a nutshell helped us in here. We just need a little help," she says as she starts to cry and turns away.

Twenty minutes later, a car drove up and Ivory got in.

Ivory says there used to be a group, sisters offering support that helped prostitutes, but they no longer exist.