Hundreds of Thousands Support Duane Dog Chapman

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) - When Duane "Dog" Chapman was arrested in September 2006, his wife, Beth Chapman, put out a plea to the American people. Today, hundreds of thousands of people are offering their support, including many of his Hawaii Kai neighbors.

"When I saw him on the news last night, I was amazed that he was going to be extradited because I truly did not believe that that would happen," said Hawaii Kai resident and the Chapman's neighbor Patricia Stanford. "I don't think it should happen."

"My kids love it, and we watch all the time, he does good things for our island and we just appreciate him," said another Hawaii Kai neighbor Laura Woodall. "We just hope that he knows that we're all behind him and that we hope nothing happens to him."

Fans across the nation have signed online petitions calling for the charges to be dropped.

"I think it will help and I think many people will sign it, said Stafford. Yes indeed, I do."

The chapman family hopes that all of the support and the media attention will make a difference.

"I think the American government should back him up and stand behind him and do whatever they can to keep him in America," said Woodall.

"I hope that something intervenes and it doesn't happen, said Stafford."

If the Mexican Government proceeds with its extradition request, the final call on whether "Dog," and his clan become prisoners in a Mexican jail could ultimately rest with the U.S. Secretary of State.