Kauai Bypass Road Extension Opens Monday

By Diane Ako

KAPAA, Kauai (KHNL) - Road relief for thousands of Kauai drivers after the state opened a new bypass road Monday afternoon. It will allow commuters headed south to Lihue to avoid chronic congestion along Kuhio Highway. The one mile bypass is an extension of an already existing bypass. Together, the 3 mile stretch of road completely skips the towns of Kapaa and Waipouli.

Residents like Kauai County Councilman Mel Rapozo say they appreciate the bypass because traffic headed south is always bad. "Kapaa traffic is present all day. Obviously in the mornings and afternoons it extends further up into Kapaa town, but any day of the week you go up there and you'll see traffic in Kapaa town."

The bypass is created out of former cane haul roads. It cost $3.6 million to build.