Kailua Woman, Service Dog, Spread Aloha

Judy Suan
Judy Suan

(KHNL) - In this week's "Random Acts of Kindness," we meet a Kailua woman who has turned a disability into an asset, thanks in great part to help from her loyal service dog.

There is the healing power of laughter.

There is the healing power of love.

And then, there is Judy Suan and her service dog, Jazzy, who volunteer what free-time they have, as members of the organization, hawaii fi-do.

on this particular day, she's visiting "Hale Ku'ike" in Nuuanu, a care home for seniors afflicted with Alzheimers and dementia.

''I have attention deficit disorder attached to anxiety and I used to get panic attacks quite regularly and they had me on heavy medication to deal with that," explains Judy.

That's where jazzy comes in.

The labrador-greyhound mix is a major component in getting judy off those medications and on a more natural path of healing.

In turn, they combine their strengths to help others, even if it's just for the moment.

''When you come through the door," says Judy, "some people are just so excited because many of them have had to leave dogs."

In a lot of ways, Jazzy's got the easy job.

He just sits there, looks pretty, and allows himself to be lovingly touched.

A terrific communicator, Judy, patiently tells her cozy audience all about Jazzy.

The payoff is immediate.

"I think it brings joy to me," says Judy. "What I do makes a difference because you're just one person. But, you can bring joy to people and so, a lot of times it makes me feel better to just help others and I think, if everyone could just help one person, then this would be a lot better place."

Thanks to Judy and Jazzy, it already is.